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Living a Resilient Life

When problems come along, do you crumble emotionally or do you stand up and fight? Maybe not literally fight but you get control of your emotions and look for solutions instead of allowing your emotions to handicap you. If falling apart at life’s changes, disappointments, and failures has become your default mode, you can change. Resilience is built from the inside out. Change your mindset. Resilient people think differently. If a trying situation comes along, resilient people have a optimistic perspective. They know that if a situation can change for the bad it can also change for the good. Sure, they may get angry, frustrated or sad but the key is they don’t stay in the emotion. Your emotions are only as powerful as you allow them to be. The more you stay in the emotion, the more power you give it over you.

Where to start if you want to change your resiliency level? First of all, realize that you are not a bad person because you struggle with being resilient. Like every skill, it takes practice. Talk to someone who is resilient? What characteristics does the person have? Read books. Amazon has some great books on building resiliency.

Once a person gains control in this area, she can live a happier life. The change may come from you having to take action where before you would of allowed the situation to paralyze you. Draw emotional strength from your support system, your family and friends. Do not isolate yourself. Pray and ask God for peace and wisdom. Take one step at a time so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. If waiting is involved, then busy yourself with something that is productive and meaningful while you are waiting.

Be like the tree in the water. Instead of drowning it reached toward it’s life source and stood strong.