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Being True to Yourself

Being true to yourself is defined as a matter of integrity and self-esteem. It means to not give into what other people believe and how they behave if it conflicts with your own values and beliefs.

Many women tend to be people-pleasers. I know I am. I avoid conflict as much as possible. The less I have to support my own beliefs and values the less conflict there is in my life but this behavior comes with a big price. I have realized by being a people-pleaser, I don’t stand up for who I am. I allow other people’s ways of thinking become my own and I bury the person I really am inside. Sometimes you can bury the” real you” so deep that you don’t even know who you are anymore. You take on the identities of the people around you. Whenever you are being someone God did not create you to be, you will feel discontented with your life. You will feel like something is missing.

Try to discover you again. Think back to when you allowed this gradual transformation to occur. Where did you compromise your beliefs? State those beliefs to yourself and write them down. Why do you believe what you believe? Does this belief still hold true in your heart? If not, discard this belief and fill it with one that is connected to who you are now. Now start living your beliefs and values. You will find, as I did, that people will respect you more for being you. There may be some conflict at first as you stand up in areas you never did before, but it will feel right. You will discover a contentment and a satisfaction with your life.

Guard your heart. Recognize the signs and the people who you allow influence over who you are. Stand strong. Be courageous and live a life of integrity and in the process you will find the real “you.”