Surround Yourself with Love

Chose to be around people who encourage you to be the best when you feel the worse

You have decided to start over in some area of your life. You decide you want to do something different or follow your passion. That is great.! At first, you are driven by your desire to succeed. You get up every morning determined to make your passion more and more a part of your life but a long the way you run into obstacles.

The obstacles can be mental, physical or both. Maybe you start losing belief in your dream , believing it’s too hard to achieve or not important enough. You start believing you can’t do it or you stop making time to keep the dream alive. Right then is when what you had before you started the process of change will lead you to success.

Before you begin a change in your life, surround yourself with people who believe in your dream too. People that believe in YOU. People who will not allow you to let your dream die. Every one can experience fatigue when trying to accomplish something, especially when up against obstacles. I experienced it recently myself. The people around you become that soft cushion of encouragement to rely on when you fall. It is so much easier to get up again when you fall on a soft cushion full of love and support than on a hard surface of judgement and discouragement.

So dream that dream, pursue that passion, strive for success but before you do anything … SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LOVE !


What Is Your Passion?

How do you know what your passion is?  It’s that certain something that when you think about it, you feel that tingly feeling inside.  It’s that certain something that when you talk about it, your voice gets higher and you speak with confidence.  It’s that certain something that when you think deeply about it, it will make you cry.  It’s that certain something that when you’re doing it, you feel alive…you feel fulfilled.

Right now think about what makes you feel all those ways… excited, confident, emotional, and ALIVE.  Just think what it would feel like living and feeling that way everyday,  that’s called LIVING YOUR PASSION..

If nothing comes to mind right now, that is alright.  Keep your heart open to recognize it when it does. When you find it, take steps to making that something gradually a bigger part of your everyday life. It could happen all at once or it could be a process. God gave you that passion, so once you start living your passion , you will be living that life God created you to live.  



Starting Over Begins With One Question

Blog post March 4, 2019

Maybe you are still raising children but they are growing up and becoming their own people. Maybe you are done raising your children. Either way, your role as a mother is changing so you must change with it. Congratulations! You did your job. Now it is time to focus on you.

Who are you? If someone were to ask you what your three best qualities are, what would you say? What about your three worse qualities? I bet you can think of the three worse qualities right away, but what about your best qualities? If you do not know what your best qualities are, ask a trusted friend. Most of the time, other people see in us what we never see in ourselves. Think about what those three qualities have added to your life. Friends…security… peace of mind….love?

When you know what your best qualities are, it is time to enhance and expand those qualities.  Think about your qualities and how you can enhance or improve their influence in your life.


Live A Life of No Regrets

Blog written on March 1, 2019 by Diane Patterson

Hi everyone.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I have a confession to make.  This is my first blog EVER.  So bear with me.  This is one of those things I didn’t think I would ever do. That is really what this blog is about.

 Now that you are 50-something, what are you going to try you have never tried before?

  Is there something hidden in the back of your brain, just bouncing around, wondering when you are going to let it come out to play.

It is scary..I get it.  I am where you are. I am a 54-year-old woman trying things for the first time, making mistakes, and wondering what in the world I’m getting myself into.  You know what keeps me going?

I want to live a life of NO REGRETS.

Let’s make this journey together. Me and you.  I need your encouragement and I will offer you encouragement along your path.  On this blog, I will post encouraging words, ideas for re-creating yourself or just enhancing the “you” you already are. I will include places to go that will bring peace and the ‘Power of Awe’ into your life.  Whether you are married, single or somewhere in-between, have kids at home or you are an empty-nester, wherever you are in life there is always something.  Something you want to say, do or be.

SAY IT!     DO IT!   BE IT!