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Its Never Too Late To Turn the Page

I have always loved learning. I especially love English. I love how sounds make words, words create content, and content evokes emotion. When I was teenager, a teacher told me that I was a good writer and that I should write a book someday. Those few words stuck with me throughout the rest of my life. I hid them away in my heart like a treasure waiting to be opened. I never wanted to open it because if I did I would be expected to do something with it. So fear held the lid closed.

I feel our lives are like pages we write on everyday. Pages become chapters that contain the details of a story still a work in progress. Where one chapter ends another begins. There are chapters in my life book that I look back on that give me insight into who I am today. I see pages where I was stuck and didn’t want to move on. I am thankful for those times of struggle because I realized I am able to move forward to the next chapter and if I didn’t I would not be who I am today.

So now as I sit here writing my blog, I realize that by doing so I am slowly opening the treasure in my heart. I vow to improve my writing and to be open to new opportunities.

It is never too late to turn the page

Create a new chapter in YOUR book of life

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The Voice Within

The voice within whispers and sometimes shouts. When it does I feel my heart start to race. I step back and there is where I want to stay. There where it is safe, there where it is comfortable. You see, its the voice inside my head that tells me its too scary out there. It tries to convince me that if I move I will fall.

Then there is another feeling from deep inside that feels more like a strong pulse…it is my heart. The steady beat reminds me that I am alive and I have a purpose. There is a reason I am where I am but I am not meant to stay stagnant. With every step forward the pulse becomes stronger and the voice weaker. If I pause in the midst of doubt, I hear the voice quietly telling to stay still.

I realize that the only way for me to silence the voice in my head is to follow my heart. I might fall but in the end I will accomplish my purpose. I will do something meaningful with this life God has given me, I will live a life of no regrets.

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Change …Yes?! No?!

There is one thing that we can count on in life and that is change. Change is exciting, scary, full of unpredictable opportunities, and it is inevitable. Since my husband Doug and I got married, two years ago, we have been on an exciting roller coaster ride. We work like crazy and then take two-week long vacations to amazing and beautiful places. Our lifestyle has been wonderful. Just like a fairy tale. Although, we both knew change was coming, we focused on enjoying the present. You see,the whole time we were working our jobs, planning trips and traveling, I have been taking online classes toward my career. It was easy to just get up and go because I as long as I had my laptop and an internet connection, I could go anywhere and still keep up with my studies.

Well the time is coming. In two weeks, I will have completed my required courses. This is good, right? This is what I have been working toward. I can begin my career and move on in life, right? It is bittersweet. I love our life right now. Life is going to change for us. I will have to commit to a job. A job that will want me to be there everyday and not take two weeks off at a time. Although I am excited about finally getting back into the working world, making money , and making a difference, there is a part of me that doesn’t want life to change.

I will be starting the next phase of my life this week as I take a part time job and commit myself to gaining more experience in my chosen field. As I said in the first post of my blog.. I want to live a life of no regrets! So onward and upward I go with faith that life’s changes are powerful and full of new wonderful opportunities.


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Making Time for Beauty

Fern Canyon has been one of our must-see places for years and last week my husband and I finally made it happen. The hike through the canyon was an easy one yet wearing water shoes did help as the canyon floor is covered with water most of the time. The 100 foot walls of the canyon were covered with ferns and moss with tiny little waterfalls running between them. We experienced something magical as we walked through the coolness of the earthy-smelling canyons surrounded by the lush ferns and downed trees that lay along the bottom of the canyon like natures art. This kind of experience soothes my soul. It makes everything seem right in the world for just a little while.

Do you make time for beauty in your life? I realize that we can’t go to places like Fern Canyon everyday but you can make a choice to surround yourself with the beauty of what makes you happy everyday. Think about your favorite colors. Do you make sure your favorite colors are present in your home? Do you surround yourself with beautiful art pieces, pictures of the people whose faces make you smile, or fresh cut flowers?

The beauty that you experience on the outside becomes the beauty you reflect from the inside.

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Embrass Everyday with Anticipation

I check my shopping lianticipationst twice to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything yet I know I probably have.  I check the mail, water the plants, and make sure everything is organized and ready to be put  in the car in the morning. While I am busily filling my day with necessary activities, I feel a certain giddy feeling in my whole body.  I want today to be tomorrow now but I know if it was , I wouldn’t be ready. Anticipation overwhelms me.

This is how I feel every time my husband and I go on vacation.  I wonder what we will  experience, what we will see, the beauty we will “feel” and who we will meet along the way to wherever we have as our planned yet “unplanned” destination.  One of the most exciting aspects of our vacations is that we never have a definite destination in mind. Yes, we have a general direction but many times along our journey the destination changes. We have a saying, ” The Journey is the Destination” so no matter where we end up, the journey together was the real purpose for the destination.

I have decided that I want to have this feeling everyday.  I want to wake up every day with the anticipation of what I will learn, what I will see, what will feel and who I will meet that day.  I think that if I approached everyday with anticipation towards my day’s journey , I can find joy even in the changes of direction knowing that it is the journey not the destination that counts.  Embrass everyday with anticipation.

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Family and Friends.. Worth a Million Family Who are Friends..Priceless

My husband and I spent the day with our grown children , their significant others , and our daughter-in-laws family. I looked at this diverse group of people, in both culture and personality, and I can’t help but smile. I feel so blessed. These people do not need a special occasion to get together. These people really like each other. There is always a greeting hug and a good-bye hug and lots of smiles in-between. There isn’t any fighting, arguing, or putting each other down behind ones back or in the face. I have been told that our family is unique. That thought makes me sad. I know families who haven’t talked for years. What happen to get these people to the point where those they should be the closest to become so far away, even if they live just down the street.? They allow petty differences to tear their family apart. I realize that sometimes there are people who have caused a lot of pain in a family and setting boundaries with those people is necessary. I’m talking about families who over the years grow further and further apart until they are strangers. Over the years, the next generation repeats the cycle of disconnection without even knowing why.

If you are a part of a family where there are no greeting hugs and getting together is like a battlefield, break the cycle. Reach out to someone, maybe just one person in your family and make a connection. At first, it may be hard. It can’t hurt to try. Maybe there is someone else in your family who is longing for someone to reach out…you can be the one who takes that first step toward healing your family. You can be the one to BREAK THE CYCLE!