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Legacy of Love

Have you ever met a person who radiates love and kindness? When you are in this person’s presence he or she makes you feel loved. Are you that type of person? Do people feel comfortable and cared for in your presence? Or do people feel that they have to tip-toe around your feelings? Do people feel as though they have to say and do the right thing to avoid your wrath or judgement?

People gravitate toward people who make them feel good about themselves. People want to be like people that build them up emotionally and mentally. How about your children? Did you raise or are you raising kind and empathetic children? Are your children looked up to because of their integrity and generous hearts? Do your actions encourage positive traits or is your influence negative, judgmental, prejudice or selfish? Whether you like it or not , you are a role model to your children and those around you. Choose today to be a model of love, understanding, kindness, and tolerance.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Do you want to leave a legacy of hate or a legacy of love? Will you be remembered for kindness or for your pettiness? Your legacy begins now, don’t waste this time to be a positive influence in the lives around you.

This blog is dedicated to my Aunt Charmaine, although she is no longer with us physically, her legacy of love lives on in all who were touched and influenced by her beautiful life.


I am 54 years-old and the mother of three grown children. In the last five years, I left a profession I was in for over 20 years, I moved to a new city, re-married, went back to school to discover a new profession, and became a grandma for the first time. I also am pursuing my passion for writing. I am writing a children's picture book and I started my first blog ever. For years I was afraid of change but I now I embrace it

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