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Be a Ninja

I am sitting at my computer thinking about what to write this week. It is Friday morning and I usually write on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I have so many thoughts jumbled in my head that I haven’t had a clear path to what I wanted to write about this week in my blog.

As of today it has been three weeks since the world as we knew it changed. Most of us can recall where we were when everything shut down. I was in a classroom cleaning up after a long day when we got the news. Schools are closing indefinitely. We were told to take all our personal belongings because the administration didn’t know when or if we are coming back this school year. Your experience may be different, but perhaps you had the same surge of emotions: disbelief, denial, and anxiety.

I have struggled for the last three weeks with my purpose in life. Grasping at anything that will bring me some kind of fulfillment. Then yesterday I saw a young boy about three years old wearing a black mask. As he walked with his mom down the street, he was pretending to be a ninja. I thought, Wow, if we could all be like this small child who doesn’t allow the reason why he wears the mask to take his joy of life away. He found a way to embrace his “new normal” and actually have fun. How can you and I find joy throughout this crisis?

Joy is always inside us. The question is are we allowing fear to steal our joy? When problems come up we can either chose to be a victim of despair or chose to see life from a different perspective. Viewing life from a different perspective takes insight into yourself, insight into the facts of the situation, and insight into your true reality, not what other people say it is. Are you housed, clothed, and fed right now? Are you worrying about something that might not ever happen? This doesn’t have to be a time of worry and despair. Stay strong in faith. Stay strong in body, soul and mind. Remember to find joy in life.

Be a Ninja!

I included a link to Pastor Rick from Saddleback Church. I listened to this message this morning and it brought me peace. If you need some encouragement, just click the link below.

. A Faith That Works When Life Doesn’t: A Faith That Handles Difficulties


I am 54 years-old and the mother of three grown children. In the last five years, I left a profession I was in for over 20 years, I moved to a new city, re-married, went back to school to discover a new profession, and became a grandma for the first time. I also am pursuing my passion for writing. I am writing a children's picture book and I started my first blog ever. For years I was afraid of change but I now I embrace it

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